I do not own any of the content I post unless said otherwise. Snapchat is eplh123 . I am a guy, 27, from New York and I think cunnilingus is amazing.
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The creamiest pussy hands down brought to you by @mrsteelpov.

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I wanna eat some pussy on the hood of my car one day. Someone help me make this a reality k thanks

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Pink little beauty 👅

Pink little beauty 👅

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raaaaaandi asked: To the anon worried about her smell/taste. Drink lots of water and rinse at least twice a day. Switching to cotton panties would show yourself some extra love. Above all know that your aroma is unique. It smell's weird at first because well it's your vagina. It's not supposed to smell like roses or Caribbean escape or whatever. It's supposed to smell like you, and only you. So love it Cause we love it Always 😘


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